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  • KISS Design Mobile Solar Light Tower 1200W

    All our Solar LED Light Towers are designed in USA to the highest standards. With our fabrication facilities we are able to include or customized accessories for your desired performance or requirements. The HLT-1200W Trailer Mounted Lighting Tower has exceptional Light output,and it requires ZERO fuel,ZERO unreliability.ZERO running noise and ZERO maintenance cost,which is revolutionary pr

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  • KISS Design Solar Light Tower OLT4-100

    The Mobile Alternative Power Solutions OLT4-100 Series Solar Light Tower is built to be rugged, rough and ready for any and all outdoor lighting needs. With 27 hours battery backup,you can run for 2 days without any charge.With the external battery charger you can charge the batteries and run the lights indefinitely,never having to shut down no matter what the weather conditions are! Th

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