KISS Design Mobile Solar Light Tower 1200W

All our Solar LED Light Towers are designed in USA to the highest standards.

With our fabrication facilities we are able to include or customized accessories for your desired performance or requirements.

The HLT-1200W Trailer Mounted Lighting Tower has exceptional Light output,and it requires ZERO fuel,ZERO unreliability.ZERO running noise and ZERO maintenance cost,which is revolutionary product after the traditional Lighting Tower Designed for continuous night work in a wide range of applications 

including Mining,Road works,Construction,Hazard illumination,Remote area lighting,Civil works,Agriculture and Outdoor Events.


1.ZERO fuel 

2.ZERO running noise (0 db) 

3.ZERO unreliability 

4.ZERO maintenance cost 


1.General Specification
Solar Panel:4*300W Polycrystalline
RatedPower (LED Lamp):4*100W
Working hours:10 hrs/day , back up 28 hrs
Rated Output Voltage:DC24V
Inverter (Opt.):1kVA 220V(optional)
Battery:1200Ah (8pcs 12V 150AH)
Trailer standard:12 hrs/day , back up 2 hrs
Charge controller:24V 10A *4pcs
AC charger:Max. 48A (12A/each battery)

2.Battery Bank
Type:Solar Energy Deposited Type
Model:150AH 12V

3.LED Light 
Type:LED flood light
Input Voltage:DC24V
Rotation Angle:360degree
LEDLuminous flux:80lm/w (90lm/w is Opt.)
CorrelatedColor Temperature:5500K (custom color is Opt.)

4.How it Works
System:4 Independent Solar Power System
RatedCurrent:4* 12A(Solar Input) , 4*4A (Output for light)
Rated Voltage:24V
Floating Charge Voltage:27.6V
Battery Charging Control:Stop Charging Voltage:28V
Working Mode
Each light has 3 switch options as below :
a) Dusk till dawn (Auto)
b) Charge Only
c) Manual (AC working mode)
AC output (Opt.):Supply 110V/220V 1kW AC for emergency
AC input:Can be charged by AC for emergency

Type,Proection class:USA standard type trailer, IP65
Surface treatment:Powder coated ,Custom color
Coupler:2" Ball coupler
Pulling Speed:Max. 80km/h
Supporting Wheel:15" standard trailer wheel ,215/175

Type:Hand crank
Lifting Height:3.3-8.5m
Max. loading weight:110kg

Whole product (excl. battery): 3 years warranty /15 years life

Solar panel: 10 years warranty / 25 years life
Battery : 2 years warranty / 5 years life
LED Light: 2 years warranty / 50,000 hours life span

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