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  • 2014-06-25 10:36:45

  • Price in China is very flexible , as well as the quality, a customer of us ever told us this funny words. 
    However we believe that there's a lot excellent company , people in China, who really take care of their business credit ,product quality .


    The reason we started this 3rd party service is some of our customers highly complained that they need this service to secure the orderes, and improve the supply chain management. 

    Our Advantage

    1. We have professional sourcing team who have dedicated in this area.
    2. We can buy, collect, and send you if you need various products but small quantity.

    3. Professional and high efficiency is all of our purchasing agency service;

        one stop service is expected from our side.

    4. We can guide you to any cities in China ,saving you time and money.
    5. Honest, responsible, capable and specialized.

    What we can do for u.

    1. Find the right product at the right price, choose the right supplier.

    2. Negotiating with MOQ, price , payment term, etc  by our bargaining power.
    3. Find out the real specification, manual book, remove the bullshit.
    4. Handle the sample phase , testing report.
    5. On-site inspection.
    6. 1 to all payment. 
    7. All to 1 packing ,warehouse (up to 3 month free warehouse for our members).
    8. All to 1 shipping , custom issue.

    9. Lead time control.

    10. Production procedure  management , sales contract processing.

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